Volldrauf X Major Massive & Prominence

Spaceships (feat. Maira)

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Spaceships (Volldrauf X Major Massive & Prominence Remix)
Spaceships (feat. Maira)
Prepare for an extraordinary remix experience as Volldrauf takes on the remix of a remix with “Spaceships” by Area21, beautifully reimagined in collaboration with Major Massive and Prominence. This melodic trap/festival trap remix catapults the original track to new heights of sonic grandeur. Building upon the momentum of the original’s rapid ascent and its inclusion in Martin Garrix’s festival sets, Volldrauf’s admiration for the Area21 production shines through. Inspired by Major Massive X Prominence’s remarkable remix, Volldrauf embarks on a creative journey to breathe fresh life into “Spaceships.” But that’s not all—enter the enchanting vocals of the talented Maira, adding a fresh, beautiful dimension to the remix. The result? A festival trap twist that electrifies the airwaves and fuels dancefloor euphoria. Prepare to be mesmerized by the sublime melodies, pulsating rhythms, and captivating energy of this collaborative remix masterpiece. Join the growing wave of listeners as they dive headfirst into the melodic trap-infused universe of Volldrauf’s remix. Let the fusion of talent and creativity transport you to a realm where boundaries cease to exist, and music becomes a catalyst for unbridled joy. Embrace the festival spirit and surrender to the irresistible allure of this remarkable remix, a testament to Volldrauf’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of sound and creating unforgettable musical experiences.
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