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Volldrauf was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. Starting from a very young age he found himself heavily drawn to house, electro and trance. This was when he learned how to play the piano and write his own music, which led him to quickly discovering his dream. His passion and love for dance music continues to feed his creativity. At the age of 13, Volldrauf moved to the United States and found gigs DJ’ing for parties and events. By 18, he was playing in clubs. Since then, he has headlined and played at various clubs and venues all over San Diego such as Bassmnt, Fluxx, Hard Rock, Infinity NYE, etc. Volldrauf has had the pleasure of seeing his production work, including his original tracks, make the top charts on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


Volldrauf released his “Storm” EP in late 2016 and it has been featured on EDM City and Paradoxium on YouTube as well as the well-known music blog, Most Addictive Music (MA Music).

Aside from all else, Volldrauf has an infectious personality that is incorporated into his original tracks and mixes. His passion drives him to make his fans feel the happiness he does about dance music and livens up his crowd with each show.

Volldrauf has been direct opening support for several talented artists including the following:
Thomas Gold, Stafford Brothers, DoctorP, Congorock, Jewelz & Sparks, and more.

Volldrauf is supported by and proudly works with EDM Tunes, ParadoxiumOmnifik, Encore Entertainment and Vivid Music to create an experience individualistic in its nature and a demand that is rapidly growing.

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